Tree Takedown/Removal

There is much more to Tree Removal than just running a chainsaw and putting pieces on the ground. Tree removal and rigging operations are much like doing a puzzle in reverse. You have to envision how to deconstruct the tree piece by piece all while working aloft in an aerial lift or hanging from a climbing line and harness. More importantly, doing all of this with minimal disruption to the landscape and property down below is the mark of a true professional

Tree removal is often needed if the tree is dead, diseased or has outgrown the space it is in.  Mike’s Tree Service has the equipment and experience to remove even the largest and most difficult trees in Dutchess county.  With two bucket trucks a 16 Ton Crane and experienced climbers we can remove even the largest trees safely and quickly.  All of our workers use the proper safety gear and are trained and experienced for the jobs they perform.  We have a two million dollar general liability insurance policy for your protection as well as workers compensation coverage on all of our employees.

Feel free to ask us to send you a copy of our insurance.

IMG_1539carving2Crane Removal

log truck

All of the wood from trees that are removed by Mike’s Tree Service is recycled. Some becomes firewood while some becomes chainsaw carvings like the one above. The chips are turned into mulch for landscaping and playgrounds. We sell Firewood either log length or cut to length unseasoned, contact us for pricing information.

Also above you can see our crane lifting the top of a pine tree being removed. We of one of the very few tree services in Dutchess County to operate a specialized piece of equipment like this. We can remove trees in places others can’t and do it faster, safer and more efficient.


IMG_153542 Foot Silver MapleTX 425 Dingo

Mike’s Tree Service has the right machines to get the job done quickly and carefully. The Mini Skid Steer pictured above can lift up to 1000lbs and move across lawns while not damaging  the grass. We also have a two bucket trucks, two chip trucks, a dump truck, Crane, log truck and stump grinder.


A few of our chainsaws are pictured above with saws with up to a 36″ bar length we can tackle even the largest tree removals in Dutchess and Ulster counties.