Stump Grinding

Vermeer SC372 37HP diesel stump grinde

Removing a 48” White oak stump with the SC 372 Stump Grinder

Mike uses a Vermeer SC372 37HP diesel stump grinder. This formidable machine can grind stumps of any size. Smaller stumps can be ground to below ground level in a matter of minutes. The machine has dual tires to minimize damage to your lawn.

During stump grinding we typically grind the above ground portions of the stump 6-8″ below the existing grade. This allows the stump hole to be back filled and grass replanted.


Poughkeepsie, NY

An example of a stump that was removed, back filled and reseeded in Poughkeepsie

Mike’s Tree Service can also remove the stump grinding chips, back fill the hole with top soil, and reseed if the homeowner chooses this option. This leaves the lawn with no visible trace of the unsightly stump.