Hazard Pruning

Pruning can accomplish many things for the owner. Many owners are interested in improving the safety of their yard by removing all large dead limbs for their trees. This is good for the safety of the homeowner as well as improving the health of the tree.

Red Oak

Mike’s crew hazard pruned this large red oak (Quercus rubra) in New Paltz, NY (Ulster County)

Class 2 Pruning

Other owners are interested in going a step further. Mike can come to your residence or business and remove hazardous large limbs as well as smaller pieces of deal wood. This makes for a more aesthetically appealing tree specimen. Mike will make any corrective cuts to allow the tree to be strong and beautiful. In addition to these pruning cuts the tree trimmed for driveway clearance, walkways, and wires.

Class 1 Pruning

The third option is the most comprehensive. This option removes all deadwood down to the size of a pencil. Also as in Class 2 pruning, all corrective cuts are make to eliminate crossing branches, stubs, and provide clearance for building, wires, streets, sidewalks and driveways.

Pruning needs to be done every 2-10 years depending on how vigorous the tree is, and the objectives of the homeowner.